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“People ask me what’s the most important function when you’re starting an organization or setting up the kind of culture and values that are going to endure.

The discipline I believe so strongly in is HR, and it’s the last discipline that gets funded…Big mistake. You are imprinting decisions, values, and memories onto an organization. In a sense, you’re building a house, and you can’t add stories until you have built the kind of foundation that will support them.”

--Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks

For most companies, investment in people is one of the largest costs of doing business. Yet, when asked, executives commonly cite finding and keeping the right talent as critical challenges. At Hornsby Consulting, we help you to realize optimal return on your human capital – what we call your “Leadership ROI.”

We know that inconsistent performance, turnover, skill gaps, and staffing difficulties can derail even the best strategy. Our partners have real-world experience at tackling these issues. We work with senior management to build a blueprint, then take the right action to build a robust pipeline of talented leaders equipped to drive winning performance.